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SasuNaru Fanfiction.

This is the second fanfic I posted on Fanfiction.net under the pseudonym loreleithe1st.
It's a SasuNaru Mpreg, which is currently untitled. I think it's a T rating at the moment but if I can i could try to make it a M rating.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of it’s characters, Masashi Kishimoto does.

A/N This is my first Naruto fic. I really need help to continue this, as I have no idea where I what the story to go. So please read and review.

Naruto panicked as the pains continued. Kyuubi had assured him that everything was ok, but he wasn't quite sure. He'd only found out from Kyuubi a month ago about his condition, and had just finished getting used to the idea.

Uzumaki Naruto was pregnant.

But that wasn't the worst of it.

Just before he turned 16 Kyuubi had told him that they were merging. Not just their chakra but they bodies as well. Meaning that Naruto would gain more demonic traits. Kyuubi had explained that although he was male he still had the ability to carry young.

But the current problem evolved from a drunken one night stand while seeing in the new year. It had been a quick, lustful and pleasurable experience in the bathroom, that he'll never forget. Too bad the other party didn’t remember. They had seen each other the next day and Naruto had asked him about his night. He replied that, “he had no idea, and could he keep his voice down.”

Now two months down the line, he was in agony as his body forced out the product of that night together. But it wasn't a baby in the normal sense, they were fox cubs. Two of them. Kyuubi explained that when they were older they would be able to transform into human form, the same as Naruto could transform into a kitsune.

The delivery wasn't as bad as he had first thought it would be. He thought they would have to come out the way they got in. He shuddered at the thought. But Kyuubi explained that his body would adjust to deliver the cubs, and there would be no lasting side-effects. A brief thought crossed his mind and he wondered if this could possibly happen to Gaara too. He’d have to find out later as another contraction hit. He had already given birth to one, which was a male. As with most cubs he had grey fur, and wouldn't be able to open his eyes for the first 2 weeks. He was currently wrapped in a fleecy blanket while Naruto was currently engaged. As the next pain hit he felt the urge to push again, so he followed his instincts. Two more pushes later and the second cub was out, this one also a male. He picked up a towel and damp face cloth he had beside him, that he had prepared earlier whilst he was still in the early stages of labour, and started to clean the birthing fluids from his new youngest. Once clean and dried he placed him next to his older brother and covered they up to keep them warm, as him got himself cleaned up. He made his way in to the bathroom and stripped the remaining clothes off and climbed into the shower. As he was cleaning he noticed his body had returned to it's normal arrangement. He washed quickly and dried himself, changing to kitsune form when he was dry. He made his way over to his sleeping cubs and moved the blanket so he could see them, and laid down wrapping his tails around them, to help keep them warm.

In his mind he could hear Kyuubi purring happily, and spoke once to Naruto before the tired boy fell asleep.

“Well done, cub, well done.”
He woke up the next morning and quickly started to prepared milk for his cubs. That was one of the things Kyuubi had told him he'd need to do, but they couldn’t drink cows milk, but if it was all there was, he had given Naruto a list of a couple of things to add to it.

He let the bottles cool, and started to think about what he was going to do… He had a mission later.

He looked to his cubs on the bed, and made up his mind. He’d have to tell Tsunade, to get him out of the mission. But what would her reaction be…

Sod it…

His cubs needed him, they were more important to him than the mission was.

He went to get dressed, once dressed he created two Kage Bunshin's to watch and feed the cubs whilst he was out. He left the house and quickly made his way to Hokage Tower, and face Tsunade.
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