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Sasunaru Chapter 2

This is the second chapter of my Sasunaru Mpreg

Chapter 2

When he reached Tsunade’s office, he walked straight in. The ANBU standing guard didn’t move to stop him, as he was a regular sight there. He made sure the doors closed behind him, as he didn’t want his announcement to be known throughout the village yet.

Tsunade was asleep with her head resting on the uncompleted work on the desk. He walked over to the desk and shook the Godaime’s shoulder, on guard in case she lashed out.

“Huh?” came an incoherent murmur from the sleepy elder.

“Tsunade-baa-chan, wake up. I need to talk to you.” Naruto shook her shoulder again. “Come on baa-chan, wake up.”

“Hmm…Naruto?” Tsunade slowly lifted her head from the table and looked towards Naruto. “What you doin’ here?”

“I need you to do me a favour.”

“And what would take be?” She said with a yawn, whilst rubbing her eye.

“I request that you remove me from the active ninja list.” he asked semi-formally.

“What? Why?” she asked shocked.

“Somethin’s come up and I need some time to sort it out.” he replied vaguely.

She narrowed her eyes at him, “What’s happened?”

Naruto took at deep breath, he knew he would have to tell her, and she would get angry with him.

“It would be easier to just show you, plus I need to get back. Could follow me home, and I will show you.” And he turned to leave.

Tsunade stood up and started to follow him out of the office. Once out of Hokage Tower they picked you the pace and used the rooftops to avoid the villagers.

“So what’s this all about, Naruto? I think I’ve waited long enough.”

“Ok, I’ll tell you.” he sighed. “You know how I’ve merged with Kyuubi, don’t you. Well, can still talk to me like he used to. He’s like a spirit or a split personality and can be as annoying as ever.”


Naruto winced at the yell.

‘Sorry Kyuubi, but it’s true.’ “Anyway, one thing about demons is that, regardless of dominant sex, they are all able to reproduce.” They stopped outside of the apartment; Naruto opened the door and led the way inside, heading towards the bedroom.

“I don’t understand what you mean,” replied a confused Tsunade, as she walked into the bedroom.

“I mean, that the males can give birth as easily as the females.” He answered as he walked over to the bed, picked up and moved the fleece blanket revealing the cubs. “These are my sons. I had them last night.”

Tsunade stood, jaw dropped in shock.

“How? Who?” she stuttered.

“I just told you how, it’s because Kyuubi ‘s a demon and we’ve fully merged, so technically I’m now a demon, possibly a hanyou. As for who.” he paused, getting ready for the shit to hit the fan. “Their father doesn’t even know I was pregnant, shit he can’t even remember doin’ it. We were both off our heads at the New Years party, so I can’t really blame him. If he does he probably thought it was a really weird dream. He’s currently out of the village on an ANBU mission.” by this time the Godaime had a few ideas about who could be the father. “His name’s Uchiha Sasuke.”

“What! You’ve screwed the ice prince Sasuke,” she said with a hint of humour in her voice. “Damn, and I thought he was possibly asexual, cos he always has girls throwing themselves at him, not homosexual.” ‘It would explain a few things.’

“Well, I wouldn’t go as far as to say he’s homosexual, more likely he’s bi, same as me. Remember as far as he’s concerned, he still needs to revive his clan, and only woman can have babies.”

“I need to sit down.” she sighed and sat on the edge of the bed avoiding the cubs as Naruto covered them back up. It was then that she noticed how hot it was in the apartment, and it was by no means cold outside, it was actually a warm day for this time of year. “Hey. Why’s it so hot in here, Naruto? It’s not cold.”

“Cos the cubs can’t regulate their body temperatures yet. Really I should be laid next to them, keeping them warm, ya know. But I needed to see you before my mission, so I had one Kage Bunshin’s take the place while I was out.”

“Ah. Sorry, I don’t know about foxes and their young, so you’ll have to forgive my ignorance.”

“It’s ok. If it wasn’t for Kyuubi, neither would I.”

A silence settled over the room as Tsunade processed all the information she had just received, while Naruto sat down next to the cubs.

“So what are you planning to do now?” Tsunade spoke up after a few minutes.

“I don’t really know. I just know I needed to see you about taking me off the active ninja’s register. I hadn’t thought passed that. All I know is that I’ll need to spend a lot of time as a kitsune at first.”

“If I took you off the active ninja roster, your friend’s will come round to find out why, and it’s rare that you get sick. Plus if you’re a fox when they come round they might get the wrong idea. Hmm.” she paused to think. “I think this could be a good time to train you to be the next Hokage.”

“Eh, how?”

“Because I can teach you while you’re a fox. As long as you stay out of sight behind the desk no one’ll see you or the cubs. Another thing is your going to have to eat properly, none of this ramen everyday shit you pull, and it’s not for your sake but your children. But our biggest problem will be telling Sasuke, he has a right to know, ya know.”

“I know, but can’t you imagine his reaction to finding out he’s a father, and that the kids aren’t human. He’ll freak and then get angry, an’ probably deny their his, he can’t remember what we did at New Year, remember.”

“Hmm, that is a problem.”

“I think we shouldn’t tell him until the cubs transform, it’s easier that way. He’ll just be angry with me for not telling him. Until I tell him the truth. Heh heh.” he chuckled.

“Ok, so it’s decided. You’re staying with me and I’ll train you until you can go back on the active ninja register.”

“Hey. Who said I was going to live with you.”

“I did, now get packing and I’ll sort out things on my end, ok. When your ready to come over send a clone over, and I’ll send Kakashi to help you move, after I tell him of your circumstances.”

“Why do you have to tell him of all people?! Great now he’s going to make annoying innuendos every time he sees me. As if going to be a single parent isn’t going to be hard enough.”

“Sorry, but I have to tell him as he is your cell leader. He needs to now what members of his team are active, and which are not. Plus your going to be out of action for at least 3-4 months with the cubs, and after that you could go back on short-term missions. I can always keep an eye on them, if the need arises.”

“Ok, but I’m allowing you to tell Kakashi-sensei against my better judgement. I think Iruka-sensei would be a better choice to tell, he’ll probably yell at me but he’d be ok about it.” He sighed and turned to start packing his stuff for an extended stay at Tsunade’s.
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